DPOC seeks Field Director

In 2014, Orange County is host to two of the most important legislative races in California. To help ensure we are successful in the November, the Democratic Party of Orange County is seeking a Field Director to help get out the vote.

Our coordinated campaign efforts are tightly integrated with local campaigns to ensure maximum use of our volunteers for the entire Democratic ticket.
Turnout will be critical to victory in November. Well will need a flood of grassroots support to compete with Republican special interests and their deep-pocketed donors.
Please consider supporting our efforts to win in 2014 by becoming a sustaining member today and joining us at our 20th Annual Truman Awards Dinner, featuring DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
See you on the campaign trail!

Nick Anas, Executive Director


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Keynote Truman Awards Dinner - Save the Date!

I am pleased to announce that Congresswoman & Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, will be the keynote speaker at our 20th Annual Harry S Truman Awards Dinner on September 21st!
What better way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our annual fundraiser than having the leader of our national party come to Orange County!  In May of 2011, Representative Wasserman Schultz was elected to head up the DNC. As chair, she works every day to advance President Obama's agenda and was instrumental in his re-election in 2012. This year, she is working across the country to elect Democratic candidates.
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Thank You, Democrats!

For everyone who voted in yesterday's state primary, thank you! With just under 100,000 ballots yet to be counted here in Orange County, turnout is currently less than 18 percent. Until we educate voters on the importance of showing up for every single election, this trend will unfortunately continue. That's why I want those of you who do vote to know how much we appreciate you.

For everyone who volunteered and/or donated to local campaigns, thank you! We all have busy lives with work and family commitments so those who go the extra mile by donating, making calls, walking precincts, stuffing envelopes or helping to feed volunteers are key to making our campaigns successful.

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